Christmas Week

This week was pretty mellow. I had Wednesday and Sunday (Christmas) off. Per usual, Eleanor and I had Smoothie Blues for lunch each day while Theo was napping. We’re working our way through their 27 different sandwiches. So far, the Turkey with Cranberry Sauce sandwich is still my favorite.

I spent my Christmas evening at a local bar drinking German beer. While it was much more expensive than the Leo Beer (278 baht compared to 70 baht), it sure was delicious.

To cap off this short and uneventful post, I’ve made a list of items that make great toys. Just one toy car was brought along from Colorado.

  •         Empty milk bottle
  •         Shoe
  •         Toothbrush
  •         Pots and pans
  •          Ladle
  •          My legs
  •          Brown paper bag
  •          Silverware
  •          Tupperware
  •          Yoga mat

I like to compare this to when parents say, “Why did I spend all that money when my kid plays in the box more than with the actual toy itself?” Welcome to my life.


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