Part 2: October 2017 – present

After five and a half months spent overseas, we headed back to Denver. I continued to nanny Eleanor and Theo with the understanding I would be leaving after summer to pursue traveling on my own. I later extended to the end of September as I wanted a bit more money saved up and had a great lodging opportunity. On October 12, I boarded a plane in Omaha and headed back to Asia. Part 2 will follow my journey as I travel the world solo for an undetermined amount of time. In other words, until my fun money runs out.

Part 1: December 2016 – May 2017

Meet Melissa and Travis. A successful couple in their late 20’s and mid-30’s living in Denver, working hard so they can buy the nicest cars, nicest clothes, nicest house, etc. One day in August 2016, Melissa looked around and realized she was tired of living this consumer lifestyle. Soon thereafter began the plans to uproot their current life and begin traveling and living through Asia and Australia with a much simpler lifestyle. Within 3 months, they had rented out their house fully furnished through May 2017, pawned their dog off on one of their friends, packed 4 outfits per person in two backpacks, and hopped onto a plane in route to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

How do I fit into this? I had been babysitting for Melissa and Travis for a little over a year on their date nights. The morning of November 9, Melissa asked me to babysit for them that night. She warned me they were at a different house because they were heading out of the country that weekend for six months (unknown to me). Upon arrival, I asked about their travel plans and told her about my overwhelming desire to live and travel overseas for a year and what my current two-year savings plan was. They came back home around midnight and immediately said, “Would you be interested in traveling with us to help with the kids? You said the only thing holding you back from traveling right now is money so if we cover everything for you, would you want to come?” My first thought was, are they drunk?! My second thought was, they seem pretty lucid to me. Is this real life?! After picking my chin up off the floor and finding my words, I told them I’d mull it over and get back to them. After an hour long conversation going through my two pages of questions and 36 hours from when they asked me to join their adventure, I said yes! In a matter of two and a half weeks, I quit my job, moved my belongings into a storage unit, drove my car back to Iowa, packed the next 6 months of my life into a 70 liter backpack, and headed west to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This blog will follow my life for the next six months as I nanny Eleanor (4 years old) and Theo (turns 1 in February) in different countries through Asia and Australia.